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We love to stand around the water cooler as much as the next guy and talk about who won what at the latest AMAs, the CMAs, the CMTs, or the VMAs, but when we talk shop, the acronyms we use have more to do with web development and less to do with twerking…even though we also do our fair share.  In addition to the CMS we include as part of our web development, we take pride in the custom EMR (electronic medical record), CRM (customer relationship manager), or most recently. the (LMS) learning management system that we’ve built from scratch. When we say, ‘if you can dream it, we can build it’…we mean it.  And our goal by the time we are done is to deliver an award-winning product to our clients.

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Don't take our word for it...

I was surprised to learn just how much business I was losing out on because my site was not up-to-date.  As soon as I launched my new e-commerce site from Modulus my conversions went through the roof.  With a quick marketing campaign to advertise the launch of the new site I did more business in my first week with my new site than I had done in the previous year.


Before I met with Modulus, I already had a vision for my website.  When I sat down with their developers, I was worried that they would tell me it couldn’t be done.  But, it was the opposite.  They were able to build everything I was dreaming of, and more.  Their custom development is second-to-none.  I have not hesitated to refer people to their services because I know they will take care of them.


I had already had three development firms try to build my site and they all got it wrong. A friend recommended Modulus to me and said they will do it right. I was very impressed with the speed and vision they had for my site. They got it done quickly and only needed one simple revision before I saw my site how I wanted it.


Our social media was non-existent when we came to Modulus, and we didn’t know how to get off the ground. Now social media drives a large portion of business to our website and we have watched our profits soar. Thanks Modulus!